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Youth Therapy

Risk and Protective Factors are key in addressing teenagers who are at risk of drug addiction and delinquency. Risk and Protective Factors are the very same categories that either put youths at risk or protects the youth from various forms of delinquency, such as family, community, school, and peers. Youths are influenced and molded by each of these categories. As a therapist, it is vital that these areas are empowered and strengthened to keep the youth from entering the negative side of the justice system. Although therapy is solely for the at-risk youth, parents’ involvement, input, and feedback is highly encouraged for effective treatment and an improved outcome for the youth. 

All aspects of therapy are Evidenced-based, as well as Outcome based focused. 

Youth Therapy Consultation

  • 50-minutes therapy session: $125 per session
  • Biopsychosocial Assessments with Treatment Plan: $155
  • Group Therapy: $25 weekly
  • Current Insurance Accepted:
    • NV Medicaid & NV Medicaid Checkup and PPO
    • Anthem BCBS Medicaid & Commercial Insurance
    • HPN Medicaid & Commercial Insurance
    • UMR
    • Molina Healthcare
    • Magellan Healthcare
    • Lyra Health (EAP)
  • Remove the focus of what others think about you  

  • Increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-understanding/insight 

  • Build trust and improve communication between parents and teens 

  • Develop empathy for others, while working to improve behaviors/attitude at school, home, and within the community 

  • Offer a group setting for peer-learning and skill development 

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